Virtual Spirit Week Schedule

Tuesday, June 9: School/SO Team Day
ALL DAY EVENT: Show Us Your School Spirit/Team Spirit

We want to see pictures of you sporting your school and Special Olympics team gear! Make sure to post with #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified

10:00 AM: Spirit Week Bucket List

Get your bucket List of highlights here to make sure you are doing all the activities virtual SPIRIT WEEK as part of Virtual Summer Games has to offer! To view your Bucket List CLICK HERE

11:30 AM: Young Athletes Daily Virtual Challenge

While the Special Olympics Illinois athletes will be doing a daily physical fitness activity, you will find daily activities for Young Athletes.

3:00 PM: Q&A Box

Follow us on Social Media to answer questions about your school/team and show your team spirit!

7:00 PM: Opening Ceremony

Make sure to tune in to the Virtual Summer Games Opening Ceremonies!

Wednesday, June 10: Duo Day
9:00 AM: YAC Partner Video

What makes a good partner? Learn from some of our Youth Activation Committee what it takes to be a great partner!

11:00 AM: High Five Challenge

Please participate in the High Five Challenge! You can view the instructions HERE. Make sure to post your pictures online using #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified or send them in to

3:00 PM: Write the Perfect Letter to the Other Half of Your Duo

Have you ever sent a note to formally thank the other half of your Duo? Now is your chance! Take a minute and thank them for all they have done for you. You can download a sample letter and stationary HERE.

Thursday, June 11: Beach Day
ALL DAY: Post a Pic in Your Beach Day Gear

Goggles, cool towel or your favorite Beach Day gear…Post a picture and make sure to tag us on your social media. #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified

8:30 AM: Scavenger Hunt Clue One

We are hosting a scavenger hunt all day! Stay tuned to the Unified Champion Schools social media accounts to get your clues!

11:00 AM: Signature Smoothies

Check out 2 sets of siblings in a live social media broadcast on the Unified Champion School Facebook page as they teach you how to make their very own Sibling Signature Smoothies!

3:00 PM: UCS Spirit Week Activity – How to Hula Hoop/Limbo Video

Learn how to Hula Hoop and Limbo with these awesome How To Videos.

5:00 PM: Young Athletes LIVE!

Watch our social media channels to see the broadcast of our Young Athletes following along an awesome activity session.

Friday, June 12: Jersey Day
ALL DAY: Post Your Favorite Jersey

We want to see pictures of you in your favorite sports jersey. Post a picture and share with us! Make sure to tag us. #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified

8:00 AM: Create Your Own Jersey!

Do you not have your own jersey? Make one – download the template HERE and show us what you create!

10:00 AM: Promo Trick Shot and Celebratory Dance Posts

How do you celebrate when you score a goal? What is your best trick shot? Take a video and show us! Click HERE to see the intsructions.

Saturday, June 13: Tie Dye Day
ALL DAY: Post Your Tie Dye Pictures

Let us see a picture of you in your best Tie Dye! Make sure to tag us! #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified

3:00 PM: UCS Spirit Week Activity – Tie Dye Video

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Tie Dye a shirt at home? We have just what you need. Tune in to get step by step instructions on how to do it at home.

7:00 PM: 7 Facts About SO in the 70’s

Do you wonder what Special Olympics was like in the 70’s? Tune in to learn 7 Fun Facts about Special Olympics during the 1970’s.

Sunday, June 14: Respect Day
ALL DAY: Post Your Respect Gear

What is your favorite RESPECT shirt? We want to see! Post a pic and make sure to tag us! #SOILLStandsTogether #GenerationUnified

12:00 PM: Chalk Drawings

Are you an artist? We want to see your work! Send us a picture of your chalk drawing in your driveway to support the Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners.

3:00 PM: UCS Spirit Week Activity – RESPECT Video

Tune in to learn about what RESPECT means. This awesome compilation video will help you understand RESPECT Campaigns a bit better.

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